Praise for Still A Soldier

LC Johnson has lived a rich and meaningful life, and he has an important story to tell. Born into the deeply segregated South of the 1930s, he has walked a long journey and fought a good fight for equality and justice and learned a lot of lessons along the way.

Now, in Still a Soldier, he shares those lessons with a wider audience and anyone interested in the answer to the age-old questions, “What gives our lives meaning? Why are we here?” will want to devour this book. LC Johnson and Beth Volpert Johansen are to be commended for capturing this important—and uniquely—American story and getting it into print.
Stan Deaton, Georgia Historical Society

Still A Soldier is an extremely readable narrative. This thought-provoking account serves as a conversation starter regarding the origins, evolution, and ongoing development of American culture. The author’s life experiences provide a rich and unique vantage to our changing world past, present, and future.
Ann E. Williams, Ph.D.,
Georgia State University
Political Communication, Media & Technology, Public Opinion

It was with confidence that I was able to endorse LC Johnson's memoir Still A Soldier for use with Gwinnett County Public Schools Mentoring Program. The program mentors found the book to be filled with useful, engaging, and sage advice from both the military and educational viewpoints. Still A Soldier is certainly a practical guide for leaders in any walk of life.
Dr. Frances E. Davis, Gwinnett County Public Schools

A wonderful life story of a black man born to and raised by middle class black parents on a family owned cotton farm in segregated Flora, Mississippi during the 1930s, 40s and 50s. Every teenager in America should read this book full of tools to keep in one's life tool box on how to succeed in life, not by "protesting" but by listening, observing, figuring out what enhances opportunities for success regardless of the then existing situation, initiating conversations, always learning and always working harder than peers.

LC Johnson joined the legally but not practically desegregated, United States Air Force in 1954 rising to Senior Master Sergeant by retirement in 1977. Along the way he earned a Bachelor's degree and during his second career as an educator, earned a Master's degree and a Ph.D. His second career as an educator finished in 1998 as a special assistant to the Chancellor of the New York City Board of Education. His third career is full time public service giving back to the Gwinnett County area in which he and his wife have chosen for retirement. This book provides a clear set of tools to put into life's "tool box" to create a very successful, fulfilling life.
Gordon Mortin, Raymond James & Associates

It's not very often that one sees a comprehensive collection of the intersection of ancient wisdom and truth with practical experience and knowledge gained from eight decades of everyday life.

That's exactly what L.C Johnson has been able to do in his book Still a Soldier. So many keys to success can be found in these pages for young men and women everywhere.  All we need to do is listen, learn and apply these lessons to be healthy, happy and holy. LC is many people rolled into one. He is a husband, father, son, brother, Christian, mentor, friend, community leader, volunteer, teacher, and life-long learner. Each one of those people have something important to say in this book and I would recommend taking the time to better yourself by learning from his words.
Jason Chandler, President

Great stories and lessons for how to create your personal toolbox for success.
We need more LC Johnson's telling their stories and inspiring each of us to get educated and engaged to make a difference.
Amazon Customer

Still A Soldier depicts a life to be modeled. A life characterized by a steadfast work ethic, pursuit of positive change, and a continual willingness to learn. The reader will discover that the many people one may encounter and get to know in life's travels can often be the best resource for wisdom, guidance, and new ideas. Conversation is all it takes to access these valuable commodities.
Chris D. Amazon

Great book that gives you many reasons on how to handle life problems with the author’s help and using his tool box. You have to get your own tool box and store the many things that may be needed later on in your life. Recommend to all readers.
Daryl J. Amazon

Why tell your personal story? When your life has been compelling and inspirational; sharing that experience might provide a motivational spark for others leaving home to conquer their dreams. When you think you know someone, but you really don't until you read their life story--Wow! A story that is written to bring you into the successes and failures of the author. A must read book for anyone in-pursuit of their purpose in life!
Jim C. Amazon

Excellent story of how hard work, education, putting others first leads to success on many levels. Great role model for young people to emulate. Mr. Johnson didn't let the adversity in his life define him, limit his success or make him bitter or resentful.
Alexander J. Amazon

Written in a voice for all people. Mr. Johnson sees past the color of a person's skin and looks for their worth. If a person is struggling to find their own worth, you can bet Mr. Johnson will help guide them - without them even knowing.

The military years are set in so many diverse places and show how Mr. Johnson was able to fill his toolbox with smart choices that would serve him well in his later educational and civic/social service settings. The book is full of applicable lessons, common sense, and some laughs along the way. Amazon Customer

A quick read that will set you to thinking about where you can be of service.
Amazon Customer

A fine story of how determination and an appreciation of mankind can lead a man and his family through life around the world. Mr. Johnson realized at a young age how he could achieve his dreams and move past the difficult racial situation in the Deep South without forgetting his family and past.

A good story of by an outstanding individual.
Glen Porter, Amazon

Still a Soldier speaks to the power of conversation. Mr. Johnson shares practical lessons he has learned during the last eighty years. Beth Johansen preserves Mr. Johnson's voice on every page.
Georgia Girl, Amazon Customer