Beth Quote

"My friends are brave, they never know if they will end up as a character and they don't seem to mind. Wine helps."

Quote of note...

"I am not afraid that the book will be controversial, I'm afraid it will not be controversial." Flannery O'Connor

About the writer

I am often asked, "What haven't you done?" It's a fair question as I have been a teacher, baker, retailer, real estate agent, customer service rep, coach, mommy...the list goes on. All of it has been of a grand design allowing me into the lives of a variety of people so that I might be allowed to tell their stories. Over the years, I have told hundreds of stories. 


Throughout my half-century, I have been a writer in one capacity or another. Whether my role was as a student, teacher, publisher, editor, videographer, or writer, I have always told stories. Living and working in a vast array of settings, using detective skills, asking the right questions...and really listening to the answers, are all a part of the formula for producing great work.