About the writer

"I am not afraid that the book will be controversial, I'm afraid it will not be controversial." Flannery O'Connor

I am often asked, "What haven't you done?" It's a fair question as I have been a teacher, baker, retailer, real estate agent, customer service rep, coach, mommy...the list goes on. All of it has been of a grand design allowing me into the lives of a variety of people so that I might be allowed to tell their stories. Over the years, I have told hundreds of stories. 


Throughout my half-century, I have been a writer in one capacity or another. Whether my role was as a student, teacher, publisher, editor, videographer, or writer, I have always told stories. Living and working in a vast array of settings, using detective skills, asking the right questions...and really listening to the answers, are all a part of the formula for producing great work. 

Beth Quote

"My friends are brave, they never know if they will end up as a character and they don't seem to mind. Wine helps."

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